that was new

Y’all know the dog, Pippy, right? I show pictures of her all the time. Mom and I went and got her from a lovely little place in Wisconsin last August. She was this tiny little 5lb pup. Yeah, she’s grown and she’s gotten ornery.

I’m protecting my lil’ brother while he sleeps, honest

She “plays” with her kitty brothers all the time, whether they want to play or not. When Lancelot gets home from work in the morning she goes bat-crap crazy like she hasn’t seen him in years when in reality it’s been more like a few hours. She tosses her toys in the air and gnaws on her bone like she’s trying to kill something. In general she is the most willful dog I have ever known. And I love her.

At this point, almost a year old, not much she does really surprises me. Not usually anyway. This morning L got a ride home from work with a friend so I took a little time to get a few chores done around the house before getting in the shower. As I stepped in Pippy started whimpering at the shower door. I opened it to make sure she wasn’t hurt… And in she came.

I was home alone at that point, already wet myself and the dog was wet. I didn’t want to stop, get out, dry her off, just to get wet all over again. Besides, she loves water.

So what I’m trying to say is that this morning the dog took a shower with me and she seemed to enjoy herself. A lot.

Fortunately by the time I was done L was home and rescued me. Evidently he had been home for awhile and just listened to me talking to the dog. I would guess that at some point he walked at least to the bathroom door and saw our little black pup in the corner of the shower, laying down comfortably, tongue darting out to catch the drops of water.

She’s weird and she’s mine, what can I say?

One thought on “that was new”

  1. When I was a kid our dog, Fittle, a miniature poodle, used to jump into the tub whenever the opportunity arose. It didn’t matter who was in there. Dogs are such individuals:) It’s so fun to live with one who keeps life interesting!

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