planning a wedding during a plague

Ok, so this isn’t quite a plague, more a pandemic, but still. We’re getting married in August and I’m hoping like hell that I have enough time to pull this off.

In all fairness, not quite 4 months is not a lot of time to plan a wedding EVER. There are a lot of moving parts, details, vendors, and just plain other people involved. And I have done this whole “wedding” thing before – three other times to be precise – but never with so little time to get everything ready. And never during a global pandemic.

The first time I got married I had a few years to pull things together. I had the big white church wedding with a catered reception at a hotel and the gigantic fancy cake. We divorced three years later.

My second wedding was done in the back yard by a Justice of the Peace. Much smaller and low-key, I wore Birkenstocks with a sundress. I had less than a year to plan, but still a reasonable amount of time given how small. I was with him for ten years.

My third wedding was planned rather quickly and took place at the courthouse. It was my least favorite, mostly because my groom was drunk during the entire reception, and for most of our marriage.

So I’ve had a variety of experiences.

This time we’ll be having an officiant (I’m not sure what else to call her) and have a custom ceremony, somewhere near trees. (I’d like to be more specific but I don’t even know yet.) I’ve ordered my dress and it actually looks more like a wedding dress than anything I’ve worn in many a moon. I’ve ordered jewelry that I think will go beautifully with it. I’ve ordered flowers that are artificial – wood – that I’ll be able to keep long after the ceremony. And I’ve been ordering everything now because it still might not arrive in time. Because pandemic.

I’m still hoping (HOPING) that we’ll be able to have the ceremony. Right now they’re starting to loosen the restrictions here but that could change. We aren’t planning to have a big ceremony with a lot of people but still. And I already know that the reception may not be until weeks or months later. I’m fine with that.

I’m going to marry my knight in shining armor, that’s what matters to me.

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