it’s a thing I do

I was finally able to get my hair cut today and DAMMIT did I get it cut! The front is way shorter than it was because it had gotten so fucking long that half the time I could only see out of one damn eye and it annoyed me. ANNOYED. So today I told my stylist to hack that shit off, and the shit was hacked, and I’m happy. It’s cute. And Lancelot likes it, so that’s all that really matters I guess.

Yes, it’s May and I’m wearing a sweater. The wind has been blowing like an F5 tornado here and it’s cold. I don’t like to be hot but I’m also not keen on being cold in May.

I’ve still been doing my meal planning stuff and apparently doing a good job. L has loved every meal I’ve made. Granted, he has kind of low standards if you ask me, but still. I’m doing my own invention tonight and I have high hopes. I’ve got pork chops in the crock pot with a can of Coke Zero (it was lingering in the fridge, don’t judge). I’m about to go add a healthy amount of chunky cherry jam to it. I’m thinking it would work well with sweet potatoes but I don’t know if I have any.

Wish me luck!

These two are lazy. This is where they spend damn near every afternoon. Once L goes to sleep they get bored and hang out with me.

3 thoughts on “it’s a thing I do”

    1. Thank you! The pork chops were ok, not as good as I’d hoped. I think I needed to add the Coke and cherry jam sooner. But definitely worth trying again! 🙂


  1. A haircut always helps. My hairdresser broke her back last year and hasn’t been able to do a good cut since. I’m thinking it’s time to find a new one and hope she can sell her shop and retire. I hate to see a woman in pain at work.
    It’s going to 89 tomorrow, only 85 today, the wind is blowing cottonwood and pollen everywhere and yesterday and next week we had and will have low 60’s and rain. Can’t win. So I’ll enjoy it all. Glad to hear your creative menu turned out well.

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