in a funk, wishing it was funkytown

The boys have been enjoying having empty boxes to play with, and so has Pippy. They see them as toys. I see them as reminders of the move. Don’t get me wrong, I am ridiculously happy that Lancelot lives here, I’ll be happier when the move is done. And that should be this weekend. Praise be to the Almighty Ceiling Cat.

The weather here hasn’t helped lately. Lots of rain and gray skies and cool weather. I guess that’s better than blazing heat, but it doesn’t exactly make me feel very energetic.

The house is coming together as are the wedding plans, and that’s good. But I haven’t really knit lately, or done anything else creative. Lately it’s been all I can do to keep up with the laundry and making dinner. I’m feeling a whole lot of brain fog right now and I Do Not Like It.

So rather than whine any more I think I’m going to go wind up a ball of yarn and try to start a new knitting project. Maybe cheating on my current WIPs will help.

2 thoughts on “in a funk, wishing it was funkytown”

  1. I think a lot of people who are working from home have found it difficult to enjoy their usual leisure activities. They now live at their work place. My daughter said people she works with are having trouble putting limits on their work hours. Some are emailing her late in the evening. She refuses to do any work outside her normal work hours. She also changes her work location in her house so that no one place gets a work label. Today she worked on her deck. It made for a nice background for her meetings:)

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    1. I know that it helped me when L moved in and I shifted to having a dedicated room to use as an office. When I’m done for the day I shut the door and walk away. I’m sticking with normal work hours as well, I’ve heard from far too many colleagues about how they end up working 12 hour days. BUT, I did find a new pattern to try and I have a skein of yarn that I think will be perfect! I’ll try to post details later today. 🙂

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