fab friday

I am ridiculously busy right now, but it’s all good. The critters are being their usual cute selves and that always helps.

Mom and R gave us this chair from their living room since they’re getting new furniture. I do love me some hand me downs. The menagerie does too, only the cats aren’t excited about sharing with Pippy. Eric finally gave up.

“I just can’t even with her shit right now, Mom. I can’t. I’ve only slept 22 hours so far today. I’m exhausted.”

I finally got myself motivated enough to run errands on Wednesday, which was good, but it was kind of bad. Lancelot had asked me to run to Michael’s for him to get some picture frames. Michael’s has yarn. Not great yarn, but they have Sugar & Cream, and that’s the cotton I use to make my very favorite wash cloths. I had finally exhausted my supply, earlier this year maybe, and I had been feeling that urge. There’s something about a dead-easy wash cloth that soothes me. So I bought four balls. And a ball of Lion Brand’s “Shawl in a Ball” in a really wild, rainbow-esque kind of colorway. I’m weak. I don’t care.

Mom’s wedding is on Sunday and things are gearing up. I’ve got part of the decorations ready to be printed, hopefully they turn out good. She and I are going tomorrow morning to get our nails done, something I’m really looking forward to. It’s been ages since I had a pedicure and it’s really showing, and not how you’d think. My heels are nasty, even for me. Yikes.

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