and now, on to our next adventure

Mom’s wedding went off without a hitch. She looked like the queen she is, R was very dapper, and my Lancelot looked amazing.

There were tense moments on Friday when the dry cleaners couldn’t find the clothes I had dropped off for him on Wednesday, but that resulted in taking him shopping for a new dress ensemble that very much fits his personality. I neglected to get a photo of us together in all our finery so this is as good as it gets. I didn’t look too shabby, I must say.

We’re still working on getting the last bits done at the house though we’re getting close to done, yay! Most of what still needs doing is some decorative bits. And now we have a pool to setup. It’s an above ground setup, I think something like 30″ deep. R had several he was needing to get rid of so we took this one. Gotta love hand me downs! I’m excited to get it setup and spend a little time out there with L and Pippy.

Somehow I don’t think the boys would be that excited about a pool.

I’m still making knitting progress, and I still keep forgetting to take another photo. I also need to show y’all the lamp I got for my knitting sitting area. It’s totally cool.

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