break time

I’ve decided that the world is just too screwy these days. With all of the political bullshit and the plague nonsense I just can’t deal like I used to. So I’m being much more selective about what I’m doing with my time. I can’t give my precious free time and, more importantly, my energy to things that don’t bring me joy.

To this end I’ve been off Facebook since late last week. And the only time I really watch the news anymore is first thing in the morning and that’s primarily to get the weather forecast. (I also think the weather dude on the station I watch is an attractive young man)

Anyway, it’s been helpful. I do still know what’s going on because Lancelot is making sure I’m aware. But I’m more relaxed, for the most part anyway, and that’s good.

On Saturday we had our friend N over for dinner and a movie. It’s nice that we have a few people we feel comfortable having over to the house. We’re talking about having a slightly larger gathering on Halloween, but out in the garage/driveway. I’m really looking forward to that.

A rare photo of all three FuzzButts at the same time

I am still knitting, still the Waves of Happiness shawl. I have three repeats of the lace left to do before I start the body. I’m started to be slightly concerned that I don’t actually have enough yarn, but I’m hoping. I’ve also been trying to figure out which project gets to be next. I’ve purchased a few patterns and found several more free ones, in addition to the collection I have printed in a binder already. So many choices.

One thought on “break time”

  1. Good for you avoiding the drama that is 2020. I too have stopped most social media consumption. I get my news in very small tolerable doses in places that are a bit less hair on fire in their delivery. I’m tired of everything being treated as if it was the end of the world.
    That’s a great photo of all the fur kids together:)

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