it’s a sickness

I’m one of those people who pretty well has to be busy all the time. I have this sort of compulsion to be doing things. I love lists and that feeling of crossing things off of them. My idea of a good day off is getting a ton of shit done.

Seriously, I wonder if there’s some kind of medication for this?

I’m only partially jesting. I know that part of my compulsions could easily be tracked back to the bipolar, so I keep a close eye on that shit. When I get to the point where I feel like I need to do ALL the things all at once, I call the good doc.

Right now I think that more than anything this is a need to have some kind of control over my world in an effort to experience some normalcy. And who doesn’t need/want that these days?

So this weekend we spent some time getting ready for the Halloween party, in addition to getting things done around the house that had been put off for too long. Laundry got caught up again, the utility room in the basement got cleaned, and we just sort of tidied up in general. And I knit.

I keep thinking I should take a picture of what I’m working on but then I forget until the lighting is just horrid, but this is at least a try…

Off Kilter

This is my Off Kilter shawl, using size 3 needles (I’ll have to switch to longer ones soon), with La Jolla yarn from Baah in the Pink Tourmaline colorway. The color in this picture isn’t quite right, though it is delightfully bright. The pattern suggested a yarn with a nice color change in it, which would be great, but I think this is going to be wonderful. I’m figuring that the unusual construction will be even more obvious in the solid color. And the pattern is a great balance of “mindless” and “gotta count right here.” Just a fabulous project all the way around.

4 thoughts on “it’s a sickness”

  1. Your shawl is beautiful! I love the color:)
    I have a level of always doing something but it doesn’t include cleaning. I dislike cleaning. Also I rarely sit silently doing whatever. My mind has to be entertained along with my hands.

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    1. Thank you! I have (or at least I did have) a tendency to wear bright colors a lot. Lately it’s mostly white or black shirts and jeans. But I guess that’s fine because bright colored shawls look good with solid neutral shirts. Regardless, I’m having fun branching out with the techniques. I’m still doing almost all shawls, but I just ordered lace weight yarn to do a really interesting shawl. It might kill me, who knows… 🙂

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  2. I am also one who always has to be doing something and I’m happiest when I have a PROJECT! I make lists every day of what I want to get done and then check off what actually was accomplished. I make a list at night and review it in the morning. Most days though, crap happens and gets in the way. It always irritates me to have to move something on the list to the next day. ;( Sigh. It’s just how I’m built.

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