medical adventures, part… um, who the hell knows…

If there’s a weird side effect of a medication, chances are I’ll have it. If there’s a slim chance of something causing an allergic reaction, I’ll get it. And for someone who ends up needing blood drawn more and more often the older I get, I have the shittiest veins ever.

My boss actually just joked that maybe they should put in a PIC line. I told him, in all honesty, that they’ve considered doing just that.

Anyway, I summed it up for my good friend this morning like this:

can’t start the kidney med because my calcium is too high because I’ve been taking too many vitamins because of the psych doc so now I’m going on blood pressure medicine that will screw with the lithium so I get to decrease that by 1 pill per day and I have to stop all the vitamins and go get more blood work done and then maybe in December I’ll start the kidney stuff

Oh, and, I’m fat. I’m supposed to drop 10% of my body weight, soon is good, and more is better.

I’m not at all excited about any of this. I understand that I need to take care of myself, and I try, but has anyone else noticed that we’re in the midst of a fucking pandemic right now and being on a diet is like the last goddamn thing I really feel like doing? Like I would almost rather give myself a Brazilian wax with one hand and while blindfolded?

Synchronized bathing yesterday

Anyway, I’m trying to take all of this in stride, but it’s hard. I’m grumpy right now and I don’t enjoy being grumpy. I know that more knitting will help that, or maybe just more craft time in general. And I also know that good tasting food that I can feel good about will help.

Sweet and Sour Chicken in the slow cooker

That was last night’s dinner, and it’s super easy. I do wish I had remembered to throw in a can of pineapple, something I decided would enhance it the last time I made it, but I forgot. Still very tasty and it had a load of veggies. Tonight I’m making a quick soup that is also reasonably healthy and very easy. If it ain’t easy, I ain’t cooking it.

The positivity rates for The Rona just keep going up around here. It’s so bad now that I’m extremely hesitant to go into stores at all. My thought is that this weekend I’ll do my usual grocery order and if they don’t have it, we don’t need it. I can’t run the risk of getting sick. I actually got The World’s Best Mom to pick up my prescription for me from the grocery store (she was going anyway).

So what do y’all do when you feel like things aren’t quite going the way you want them to?

2 thoughts on “medical adventures, part… um, who the hell knows…”

  1. I’m sorry you’ve entered medical purgatory. The whole juggling of medication when you’re prone to side effects is miserable. I hope it all works out quickly and easily.
    Your sweet and sour chicken looks yummy! I’ve been doing easy dinners lately. We had taco salads yesterday and chicken soup today.
    Do you have a grocery store that will let you order and do contactless pick up? My daughter has been doing that. The $6.95 fee is worth it for peace of mind she says.

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    1. The grocery store closest to us will let you order online and as long as you meet their minimum (I think $35) there’s no fee. So the majority of our supplies come from there. Every now and then they’re out of stock of something I need so we would normally go across the street to Target and grab those few bits. This week I just not seeing that happen. Yet again I’m going to do a larger than normal list and hope the regular store has most of it.

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