shit the universe is teaching me

This is in no particular order…

I find that Golden Milk / turmeric nonsense to be most unpleasant. Like I think it tastes like kerosene. Even when I strained it. Enough already.

I’m not in love with lettuce enough to justify buying it.

I don’t get why putting coconut oil in my drink is supposed be magical but all it does to me is coat the inside of my mouth. I find that unpleasant.

I am very excited lately about the prospect of sheet pan dinners and will be cooking one when Mom and R come for dinner next weekend.

Books really are amazing and it makes me sad that I lost that part of “me” for so long.

Simpler is better, always.

I helped with a presentation on Tuesday and got dolled up for it. Not bad for an old chicky.

I’m still reading, still knitting, and still fighting with myself about eating. Mostly I’m ok during the day but then at night it’s like all bets are OFF. But I’m maintaining my position at 27.75lbs lost, so that’s good.

Beets make everything more dramatic

One of my favorite meals is still oven roasted veggies, primarily because it’s so damn easy. Last night I used Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, red onion, carrots, mushrooms, bell peppers, and beef sausages. No oil, just some kosher salt and coarse black pepper. It’s freakin’ divine.

I’m realizing that I get bored with the same stuff pretty quickly, and I need to account for that not only when I go shopping but also when I decide what and how much to prep. It’s a process y’all, but it helps.

Totally feeling this right now

3 thoughts on “shit the universe is teaching me”

      1. I’ve finally convinced my husband that cut small and fried in the frying pan with onions and olive oil and then topped with a fried egg is a darn fine lunch.


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