step aside, there’s a new favorite food

I believe I mentioned last week that roasted veggies were my favorite, and I’m not saying that they now suck, but given that spring in the Midwest is unfortunately very short and summer will be here with blistering heat and oppressive humidity before I’m at all prepared, it was time to find a new favorite that doesn’t require running the oven. And I did.

So much YUM

The salad is called Chickpea Pomegranate Salad (not mine so I’m not going to type it here, but that is the exact name of it) and chicken hindquarters done in the air fryer. The salad is just a few ingredients, super easy to assemble, and would be great with any protein you like. I thought it fit well with some chicken and I had hindquarters on hand in the freezer. BOOM, dinner. And all quite healthy which is a definite bonus.

That’s the new fused glass jewelry dish I made for my bathroom. I love it.

It was so much fun to get back to the glass studio and make things, even if I get frustrated that my hands don’t always cooperate.

And this is the alien flower garden art piece I made. I decided to put it up close to the house because the potential for hail is very real here.

I am also still knitting. Edgar, the scarf, will likely be finished soon. I’m still excited about how it’s coming and how perfect the yarn and the pattern are working. I am not quite as excited about the rainbow vest, now known as Niji (Japanese for “rainbow”) but only because I can’t count. The back and sides are not actually quite wide enough to comfortably fit. Fortunately I realized this before doing any seaming so now I think I have a plan to correct my oversight that will involved making i-cord and braiding it to form some decorative side panel pieces.

It’s going to be lovely, eventually. And no, I have no idea what Lancelot was trying to do with his hand in my picture.

I think I’ve mentioned that I’m reading again, which is totally exciting. The book I’m on right now is “The Night Circus” by Erin Morgenstern. It’s an amazing story and extremely well written. I started it last week and am more than half way through it, which says a lot given that I don’t have a ton of time to read. The only issue I have with it, if you even want to call it an issue, is that she jumps around in the book’s timeline and will occasionally switch from 3rd person narrative to 2nd person and it’s a wee bit jarring. But really, if you’re interested in magic and really well done fiction it’s definitely worth checking out.

I have officially reached the point with this hair where it’s just not worth arguing. For what it’s worth, I have decided I love these fabric headband things.

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