shit shifting

When I’m not entirely satisfied with my life, or when I get bored (which is kinda the same), I have a tendency to shake the snowglobe that is my universe and shift shit around. Right now I’m in a funky mood, I think mostly it’s a post-Rona kind of thing, and it’s probably due at least in part to finally feeling like life might return to what I’d like to see as The New Normal.

Mostly what this means is do a bit more cleaning out of the house, buying a few new clothes that actually fit and are kind of stylish, redecorating a tiny bit by moving things from one place to another, and trying a ton of new recipes.

Last night’s Meatless Monday entry. Gotta say, not a fav. It was ok it just doesn’t have enough flavor for something that claims to be a curry. It was good enough to continue messing with.

I think part of what I’m itching to do is get outside and try to actually grow some things this year. Last year there was just so much change going on that the outside of the house, meaning the garden areas, got completely neglected. I don’t want that to happen again this year. I’ve purchased some seeds to plant and I’ve been thinking about what goes where and what needs to be in pots on the deck. I have several places I can hang pots, too. I want pretty this year. I need some pretty.

The boys are enjoying the changes. They like to have the top of the desk perch at their disposal. I’m liking that I was able to make room for more books and a mug o’ cuttings that should turn into a full on plant.

This morning I finished the Edgar scarf, and that was exciting. I still need to work on “fixing” my issue with Niji; that might be something for tonight. There’s a workshop thing this afternoon that I have to help with at work so I’ll be wrapping up late. The amazing thing about working from home is the commute.

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