There’s something about the anonymity of the internet that seems to bring out the worst in people. Don’t get me wrong; in some cases it brings out the very best. People can contribute to charities from the comfort of their living rooms, they can make connections with others who share the same interests, they can practice random acts of kindness easily and many do on a regular basis.

But then there are The Others; the ones who get emboldened by the fact that the people they drop their nasty little bombs on won’t ever have the opportunity to look them in the eyes and see them for the cowards they really are.

I made a comment on a friend’s post on Facebook last week. I was agreeing with what he said, actually more than he was agreeing with what the image he posted said. We engaged in civil discourse about it, each speaking our piece in respectful language and finding the commonalities.


One comment, one single short sentence (that needed editing at that) directed at me, in the form of a sarcastic question. This person doesn’t know me from anyone, knows nothing about my background, and will never meet me. So by all means, ask your shitty little demeaning question meant to put me in my place. And why?

Because at the heart of it all, I am an optimist. I still look for the silver lining in every single situation, no matter what. I want to see the good in humanity even when it proves otherwise. And so I ended my part of the conversation on my friend’s post with a hope for humanity to show me the goodness, and The Troll couldn’t just let that lay where it fell.

But I will.

As much as I would love to find some nasty, shitty things of my own to say in return, I won’t. As much as I would like to point out just how wrong this person is, I won’t. As upset as this has made me, it ends right here and now. Posting a reply would give that fire more fuel and this jerk has already taken enough of my time and mental energy, he doesn’t need to be fed with my reply.

It ends, right here and now.

3 thoughts on “trolls”

    1. I am seriously considering removing myself. And it’s been more than a year now since things with my sister and brother in law got so ugly that I removed them from my life entirely. There’s just no space in my world for hate.

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