i made a thing, several actually

It’s done! Yay!

Yesterday morning I finished the flower. To recap, this was done primarily as a needle felted piece. When I was scavenging for finishing bits yesterday I did find that “odd” pink petal that had been knit and then felted at some time in the distant past. The color was close enough so I attached it by needle felting in to the piece. I also added the yellow to the center and the vein on the leaf by needle felting on some colored wool yarn. Love that technique. I then finished the piece with Japanese seed beads that I sewed on. I absolutely adore this and I do believe I’ll try making more of this type thing.

I’m too sexy for this hat…

That is the Alpine Meadow hat and I’ve knit three of these so far over the last few years. Two of them were for my mom and this one for me. The pattern is written very nicely and the hat ends up looking way more complicated than it really is. I started this on Friday and finished on Saturday. I was in one of those moods where I needed some instant fiber gratification and, let me tell you, this scratched that itch nicely.


I would love to tell you that the Niji vest is done, but I try very hard not to lie. Fuck. The fussy bits are pretty well done. I got the i-cord braided and sewn on and that did address the issue with the sides. But then the fronts are so narrow that they barely cover my boobs and it just, well, it’s kind of awful. In a last ditch effort to fix this nightmare I have decided to try adding a shawl collar -esque thing around the front. So far it’s working, but then I’m still working on it. We’ll see. Mama didn’t raise a quitter.


I went to visit my friend K yesterday afternoon to get my nails done in anticipation of the trip with Lancelot this coming weekend. She did this ombre holographic glitter sparkle thing that makes my head spin just thinking about it but HOLY FUCKABONKS does it look cool!

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