put a bow on it

I don’t have a picture yet, but I did manage to finish something last night. I don’t have a picture yet because there are still ends to be woven in and it’s not going to look like much of anything less I have it on. That’s going to require a photoshoot, so stay tuned. But I am delighted that I finished.

I’ve also been doing a fair amount of cooking lately, which isn’t uncommon for me. I don’t know this for a fact, but among my friend / coworker group I seem to be one of the few (maybe only?) people who makes a menu for dinners for the week. Part of it is probably my need to make decisions in bulk, part of it is making sure I have all of the ingredients I need to make a given recipe. And honestly, that’s more what it’s about, the whole idea of “if I make a menu for seven days and do my grocery shopping based on that I know I have food in the house for at least those seven complete meals.” Maybe that doesn’t make sense to everyone but it sure as hell helps me.

Thinking about food and menus and planning ahead, I’ve been thinking about taking the flowers out of at least one of the flower beds in the backyard and turning the space into a garden for veggies. The price of food keeps going up and we like to have fresh produce. If I can grow at least some of what we need that should help with costs, plus I’m hoping it will be enjoyable. I’ve started a list of what we use on a regular basis and might be able to grow easily. We’ll see how it goes.

Roasted veggies and sausages

That’s one of our favorite meals when the weather turns colder. No recipe to speak of, I just chop up whatever veggies we have on hand or have grabbed from the store. I spray the inside of a giant roaster with non-stick spray and toss in the veggies and a package of sausages that I chop into chunks. I very liberally coat everything in salt and pepper and let it roast for about an hour at 425, stirring a few times. Very easy, reasonably healthy, and that big pan made my dinner last night plus three meals for Lancelot.

That’s one of the other things I tend to do, cook meals that I know will generate leftovers. I kind of figure if I’m going to make the mess once I might as well make it worth it and cook a big batch of whatever I’m making. On Saturday night we had my mom and R over for dinner and I made an enchilada casserole thing (no recipe) and that made enough for all four of us, the boys had seconds, and I still ended up with three meal-sized containers. And that was some damn good dinner.

I’m still working on “what the hell does normal look like” in my world, and maybe I’ll always be working on that. L is helping me figure out a better setup for my home office, specifically the desk. In all honesty I don’t have a great desk setup at work either, mainly because I don’t have a designated work area. But I’m still trying.

I’m also trying (sort of?) to get back to eating healthier. I’ve let that slip and I know that I need to get a handle on it again. Cooking with veggies, doing the meatless Monday thing, it all adds up. I have also realized that I really enjoy vanilla Greek yogurt with fresh blueberries and home made granola as a mid-morning snack. And I have oatmeal for breakfast pretty much every week day.

This is going to be a “not at all normal” week for both L and I. I’ve taken Thursday and Friday off work and he’s taken Friday off, which means when I pick him up Thursday morning he’s done until Sunday night. We’re already talking about running some errands we don’t often get a chance to do and that would be fun. I really think one of the very best things in the world is being able to be married to your very best friend.

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