and now for weekend update…

It’s done!!!

This is a vest pattern that I found online and then, in true Erin fashion, I modified the shit out of it. It’s really just a large rectangle with strategically placed armholes and I made it with this really interesting yarn I got on clearance online that is not only soft but has tiny red sequins. It fits much better than I feared it would.

I’ve spent some time this weekend trying to finish some pieces and I’ve made progress. Sitting next to me are two scarves that have now been blocked and just need the ends woven in. I also did the sewing bits on a scarf I decided did not need blocking and a cowl. Plus, I finally finished these lil things.


This is another heavily modified pattern. The original was lovely, but it stretched too much for my liking. So I decided to add ties for a completely custom fit. I love that these take so little yarn. Pictured here are two different bits of Koigu I had in my stash.

We’ve also run errands this weekend, a lot of errands. The good news is that my house has never had so much food in it. The bad news is that I’m scared to open several of the cupboards because they’re just that full. Part of this is I got paid yesterday (I get paid once a month) and part of it is that I’m wanting to keep stocked on our essentials due to the shortages that we’ve experienced during this plague. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hoarding supplies, it’s more that I keep a few extras of most things on hand. One thing I have learned about myself is if I have food on hand that adds up to a meal I am much more inclined to cook a nutritious meal.

Synchronized bathing

I have two scarves, two shawls, a cowl, and a crocheted toy yet to finish before the end of the year (most of that before the holidays). I’ve been trying to motivate myself to work on one thing at a time, at least primarily, so that I get to that “feeling of accomplishment” place more quickly. I’ve also stopped social media interaction almost entirely because I realized that I was spending so much time on random nonsense that I didn’t have time to live and enjoy my real life. I haven’t deleted the accounts yet, but I practically never check anything. I do still post on Instagram once in awhile, but that feels much less intrusive.

I think we all need to be reminded of this now and then

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