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The pressure cooker did not cooperate. It took SIX FUCKING TRIES to get it to work. I do think I finally figured it out and I will be making damn sure it doesn’t happen again. But then putting the leftovers away for Lancelot I misjudged the size of container I should have had and ended up with a Butter Chicken lava flow all over the counter. We shall not speak of this again.

This morning I got up, got my tea made, and picked up one of the previously set-aside projects and got a moderate amount of progress made. That felt really good. I’m debating between working on that again tonight and starting something new. I really think that part of what I need is a little knitting success, like a small-ish project I can finish in a few days. I think a pair of fingerless mitts with a simple cable up the back might do the trick.

I did manage to have some successes with work today. I didn’t manage to wipe out my to-do list for the day, but I got some significant pieces done and that felt good. There’s still plenty left to do, but again, I was in desperate need of some sense of accomplishment.

Have I mentioned how much I love making soup? Because I really fucking love making soup. Only once have I had it not come out very good, and that was my own damn fault. But I rarely use a recipe anymore, I just toss things in the pot and let them simmer. This is veggie beef soup that has onions, garlic, celery, carrots, parsnips, bell peppers, zucchini, and stew meat simmering in a bath of beef broth. And because I took the time to put it all together this morning and let it hang out all day, my dinner is already DONE!!!

Truly, what’s not to love?

Garth decided that Lancelot would make a fine napping spot earlier today. He’s very rarely a “lap kitty” so L did his very best not to move and disturb the little guy.

Find happiness where you can, and write it down so you can revisit it. I’ve been keeping a Gratitude Journal in a word processing file and trying to add to it every day. I manage to write something most days, which is good. I’ve long found this to be a solid addition to my regular routine, though the format has changed. When I was on Facebook I would post my entry every day as just a “post” so now that I’ve basically given up on that platform I keep it to myself. It’s still helpful for me to do, so I’ll keep doing it.

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