let it be

I’m still very excited about Lancelot only having FOUR MORE SHIFTS to work. Not that anyone would notice or anything. I’ve been trying to behave myself, I promise. And in that vein, my last order of yarn for the year arrived yesterday. It took everything I had not to just start a new project right then and there, especially since the one yarn came with a free pattern that looks lovely.

At any rate, I’m still knitting diligently on the last holiday gift that needs to be finished. There’s two other small-ish things I want to do, but if they don’t get done it’s not the end of the world. The gifts I had ordered have all been delivered so I’m not worried about that either. The only thing left to “ship” will be cards, assuming I decide to mail any. I suspect many of them will be delivered in person.

Had a bit of a conversation this morning with a friend at work about the upcoming holidays. She already has her trees up and decorated, and another friend has already turned on her holiday lights. I say good for them. We haven’t gotten that far yet, and I prefer to not turn anything on until the day after Thanksgiving, but I’m also of the opinion that if it makes my friends happy to have their stuff up and lit already then who am I to judge.

Garth will judge everyone and everything from his nap perch in a basket of clean, warm towels on top the dryer

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