never enough time

We had a really nice weekend, and that was good. We managed to get a very nice balance of being productive and being sloths. Heavenly really. Though I will say, I won’t be putting off grocery shopping until Sunday afternoon again any time soon. But here I am with very little time because, quite frankly, I’m realizing what bits of my life really are the priorities.

That’s a queen size bed in our guest room

I can’t remember when I finished those three, and I can’t be bothered to look, but I can tell you that they’ve been hanging out in the closet for entirely too long. We’re anticipating having a house guest around New Year’s so I figured I should probably get this done before she arrives. I also managed to finish the last gift and that baby will also require blocking, so…

Rectangulum in the wild

I wore Rectangulum to work one day last week with a black tunic and black leggings and it was just lovely. The ability to customize the look with the buttons and button holes is really kind of genius. And I still believe that this yarn is absolutely perfect.

My goal now for the rest of 2021 is try to finish what I can of the existing projects. I’ve moved on to a lace scarf that’s been in the works because it’s probably closest to done. There’s also still the beaded lace cowl, the kitty doll, and the mohair shawl. I’m well aware that those won’t ALL be done before the new year, but I’ll try. I did start a new charity scarf this morning because I wanted something mindless to work on sometimes.

Garth is not pleased that today is Monday

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