keeping it between the lines

Those of you who knit will likely recognize those as being stitch markers. When working a pattern that repeats or does something every so many stitches the easiest thing to do is mark it, often will a little doohicky like this. Quite handy, really. The one that’s a little different is to mark the start of the round if you working on a project that’s, well, in the round. And these are deceptively easy to make, particularly if you already make jewelry, because they’re basically an earring but instead of the part that goes through your ear you put them on a jump ring. Amazing.

So when I found myself having to scrounge through my knitting supplies to find enough stitch markers the other day I decided that it would be beautifully dual purpose to make more AND give myself that sense of accomplishment. I win, twice. Yay for me!

I took a glass class last week and am eagerly awaiting my finished piece. I’ve been getting back into doing more with glass fusing and finding that I really enjoy it. I’m also doing a fair amount of knitting and beading. Basically I’m just staying fairly busy, but not in an irresponsible / dangerous kind of way. I enjoy having several projects going at once because I will inevitably get bored with something and it’s nice to have another on hand to pick up.

“Mama can’t talk anymore, she needs to snuggle me”

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