updates worth sharing

Hi y’all, remember me? Life continues to be mostly in a groove for me, but I decided it was time to break out of that briefly to share an update. You know, just in case there’s actually still any humans that still read this.

First and foremost I wanted to give y’all an update on a few of my goals for this year.

1 – I have not purchased any yarn in 2022; that was the first goal on the list.
2 – I am working on a stranded knitting project (a lace-ish scarf) with two colors. This is definitely a new knitting skill.
3 – I’ve been completing MANY projects every month, so far a total of 94 since Jan 1. Included in that is 20 hats and scarves that will be donated to a homeless shelter.
4 – Recipes; this is maybe my biggest success. We try new stuff just about every week. It’s been wonderful.
5 – I have two tomato plants, two different hot peppers, strawberries, sweet mint, catnip, basil, and cilantro all growing out on the deck. I also have potatoes planted along the fence.
6 – Yeah, weight loss. This is the one goal that’s not moving forward yet. Yet.

In other exciting news, Garth has been diagnosed with asthma and will be (hopefully) starting an inhaler soon. Lancelot has also been re-diagnosed with asthma so I’m figuring we’ll have a little daddy/kitty “puff, puff, pass” action soon.

In news that I find exciting but in a less medical sort of way, I’ve been working more with seed beads and making interesting looking earrings.

Brick stitch around a metal form with key charms

I’ve decided I really like this method because it can get really wild and intricate or, like these, I can use different size beads in the same/similar color for a very delicate look. And they aren’t anywhere near as complicated to make as they look.

And now for the elephant in the room.

The decisions a woman has to make surrounding a pregnancy, planned or otherwise, are some of the intimate decisions she will ever have to make. And they are HER decisions to make – not her husband’s, not her boyfriend’s, not her father’s, not her rapist’s, not her abuser’s.

HER decisions.

The only other person who should be involved is a qualified medical professional, and that is it.

How I feel about abortion should never figure into the decisions another woman makes. It’s not for me to say what is “right” for another woman in that situation. What I feel is “right” for me is quite likely different if the man responsible for the pregnancy is my partner than if it were a random stranger, the result of an assault or just a poor decision on my part, it doesn’t matter.

Pro-choice, to me, is saying that I respect your right to make the decisions you think are best for your own body. I honor your agency as a human to do what is “right” for you, however you define “right.” This does not apply solely to reproductive rights but rather for any medical decision. Again, this is MY stance.

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