i need cheese, stat!

I’m not one for whining, I’m really not, but sometimes it’s imperative that I bitch lest I blow up. I like to remind myself that whining is not my thing by gently teasing myself that any good whine requires cheese. So here goes…

I’m tired of people thinking it’s ok to disrespect my time. I’m tired of those same people thinking that the extra letters they have behind their names means they’re inherently better people. I’m tired of people thinking they can push blame off on me when projects don’t get done according to a contractually agreed upon timeline. Mostly though, I’m tired of these people thinking they’re going to get away with it.

There are actually a few advantages to having my brain, partially because of the limitations I have. See, I know damn good and well that my memory is utter shit, and because of that I have a fairly elaborate filing system within my email and in terms of how I keep notes for projects.

I. Keep. Everything.

Every email from someone, every email I send them. My calendar includes names and is color coded. I have folders where I keep documents that pertain to each person, to each class I work on. I also use a planning tool where I can link these pieces together.

TL;DR – do not fuck with a woman who has bipolar, just don’t

I think that’s all I need to say about that. I feel better. Thanks for reading that crud.

Cheese isn’t just a great accompaniment to wine, it’s also kind of a way of life for us. Few things perk me up more than a snack of good cheese, crackers, maybe some grapes, and a nice cured meat. I also love cooking with cheese and lately one of our favorite meatless Monday dishes has been Mattar Paneer, a super easy and very yummy Indian dish. Paneer is a fresh cheese that can be made at home using very few, very common, ingredients and is (allegedly) super easy. We shall see. I want to try my hand at making some this weekend.

One of the stops we’ve talked about will be one of the Indian markets here in town. The last time we were there Lancelot found these snack sticks that were out of this world. I also want to spend a little more time just looking around to see what all is available. I think Indian markets always smell amazing, probably because it reminds me of the trip I got to take to Delhi.

These two go at it every single morning