my favorite things I’ve made

I’m going to be real honest, this isn’t the type of post I normally do. But I want to post something today and the idea is mostly appealing, and I’m not in the frame of mind to write much else. And I will admit that the trip down memory lane to find these pictures was enjoyable. I just still have a lot to do with the move and I feel kind of horrible that I still have a lot to do. Anyway, here goes…

This is a circular vest that’s mostly knit, a little crochet. The very interesting striped area in the middle was hand spun by a dear friend and was a gift in 2017 when I had my left ovary removed. We didn’t know what was going on at the time so she named the yarn “Alien Removal Remedy.”

watercolor fused glass bowl

This is sitting just behind me right now and is one of the more interesting glass pieces I’ve made. It’s 3D and really does look like a flower.

I wish I could tell you how old this picture is but I really can’t. It was almost certainly pre-diagnosis, so before 2006, but other than that I can’t recall. The hat was a first prize winner in a contest at the yarn shop I went to every Thursday night. It’s a black bucket style hat, knit and then felted, and the roses were also felted and then sewn on, and there are a few needle felted tendrils. All of the roses and leaves were done using scrap yarn. I still have, and wear, that hat to this day.

In the days before Lithium I was able to make beautiful beaded works of art. Now, not at all. I made several of these angel ornaments and kept this blue one for myself. The body and wings are made from 11/0 seed beads. She’s still around here somewhere, a reminder of days gone by.

This was a rather large fused glass plate that I did entirely freehand. It was sitting on an oblong crocheted doily that I made, back when I could still do thread crochet. The plate has since been broken by overly energetic kittens.

When I was first diagnosed the women that I met with every Thursday took up a collection and bought me the most beautiful yarn to let me know they loved me. It was many, many years later before I was able to work with it but this is what I did. It’s a raglan style cardigan with a single button closure. Still have it, still love it.

One of the things I used to do a ton of was cross stitch. This isn’t cross stitch, it’s called blackwork, but it’s very similar. I spent my lunch breaks for I don’t even know how many weeks in 2003 working on this sampler. The bands were free patterns that I found online and pieced together myself. I am ridiculously proud of this. I had thought when Lancelot moved in that it would be moving out of the basement, but he apparently also really likes it.

In the course of my life I have done:

  • crochet
  • cross stitch / blackwork
  • macrame
  • jewelry making
  • ceramics / polymer clay
  • knitting
  • beadwork
  • drawing
  • fused glass
  • alcohol ink
  • photography

So there you have it, some of my favorite things. What have been your favorite projects?


day two, in which I cheat

That is not, in fact, a knitted thing but rather a crocheted thing. I can’t remember the name of the pattern, something like Dragon Wing I think, or anything about the yarn other than it’s sock yarn and super soft.

Not much else to say today. Things around here are weird, which is becoming the new normal. Good thing I thrive on this nonsense.

the super secret scarf

One of my besties at work has a birthday this month. She’s super stylish and appreciates that I like to make things for my friends. I wanted to do something unique for her and I wanted to try to do it using supplies I had on hand. This is the result.

I used a single ball of Lion Brand’s Mandala in the Chimera colorway and a size J hook. I started by making the decision to crochet this instead of knitting it because I can crochet a whole lot faster. I started the project on January 6th and finished on January 10th. This is much more of a recipe than a pattern.

I made a chain nice a long and then gave it a half twist when I joined it into a circle. The whole thing is one piece with no seams. The only slightly join-y bit is right here where the first pass meets itself.

This is where you kind of have to take my word for it that this will work. Chain 3, double crochet in the same space, and then double crochet all the way around. (how to explain going along the bottom of the chain?) When you reach the beginning, join with a slip stitch to the top of your first double crochet. From that point on there is no turning of the work, you’ll continue to double crochet in one straight line that just happens to be very much like a Mobius strip.

Because there’s no turning the colors end up striping on both sides of the scarf which I think is a nice touch.

At any rate, she loves it. She actually put it on immediately and wore it all day. ❤