ask and ye shall receive… or just whine a little and you’ll still receive

Those were delivered to my office yesterday afternoon with no card. I called the florist and was told that it was an internet order that got passed on to them and that she had no way of telling me who originated the order. The combination of flowers and the colors made me strongly suspect Lancelot, but without a sarcastic card I couldn’t be sure.

I picked him up this morning and I was right, they’re from him. He said that he missed the spot where he could request a card. I don’t care. They’re beautiful and it was so incredibly thoughtful of him.

He said he knew I was having a rough week and thought this would cheer me up.

Yes good knight, they did indeed…


You know you’ve hit that “sweet” spot in a relationship when hanging out on the sofa with your laptop while your fella watches rugby is an ideal afternoon. Bonus points if going out for breakfast to the restaurant where you had your first date, also for breakfast, and then random shopping at Target in preparation for a blizzard is an ideal morning.

And then this.

We are goofs, totally.

Last night we had dinner with Mom and Lancelot got to hang with the kitty friends. He’s quite the animal lover and little Garth was happy to oblige. I’ll admit I’m a bit peeved; that little fucker almost never sits on my lap, and neither does Garth.

But yes, more snow is allegedly on the way. We got our running around done this morning and are already well entrenched in couch time. Oh, and homework. That’s next. Wish me luck.