and then this happened

Sorry for the absences lately. This is well and truly the busiest fucking week of my whole year. There’s a literal fuck-ton of stuff going on.

But, it’s not all work. Lancelot and I have been planning this for awhile…

My ring is an aquamarine, my birthstone, and his is a custom Celtic piece with a bear. (my nickname for him is Bear)

Let me be clear – we are not getting married, not in the traditional sense. There will be no change of name for me, no moving boxes. We’ve made a promise to each other to love, respect, and care for each other for the rest of our days. And that’s all we need.

i’m baaaack!

No real time for a real post today, I have a paper due by 5pm. Seriously, who the fuck does homework while on holiday? Certainly not me.

Anyway, let me distract you with some photos from the Ireland trip…

Me and Mz K at our conference presentation
Lancelot and I at my birthday dinner
My stunning birthday bracelet
Shawl on a plane
At Dublin Castle
Amazing dinner and Irish dancing at Celtic Nights

We had a fantastic time. So fantastic that we’re planning to go back next year for my birthday.


You know you’ve hit that “sweet” spot in a relationship when hanging out on the sofa with your laptop while your fella watches rugby is an ideal afternoon. Bonus points if going out for breakfast to the restaurant where you had your first date, also for breakfast, and then random shopping at Target in preparation for a blizzard is an ideal morning.

And then this.

We are goofs, totally.

Last night we had dinner with Mom and Lancelot got to hang with the kitty friends. He’s quite the animal lover and little Garth was happy to oblige. I’ll admit I’m a bit peeved; that little fucker almost never sits on my lap, and neither does Garth.

But yes, more snow is allegedly on the way. We got our running around done this morning and are already well entrenched in couch time. Oh, and homework. That’s next. Wish me luck.