never have i ever

If you’ve never had a Bad Brain Day you might want to just keep moving; you won’t relate. If you have, then I feel for you my friend.

I would guess that anyone who has a mental illness or has dealt with mental issues has had one of “those” days when your brain feels like an enemy, maybe your Worst Enemy. Tasks that you know should be basic are anything but, coordination is non-existent, and your native language might as well be Martian.

Shit just Does Not Work. At All. Even a Little.

I’ve been dealing with this for a while now, and so have several of my friends. We’ve been having a lot of nasty rainy weather which doesn’t help. And I think we’re all just tired of the pandemic.

At any rate, yesterday had mostly felt like it was going better. And then I decided to go make dinner after my therapy appointment. And then all hell broke loose.

my kitchen doesn’t typically look like that

That ended the day’s streak of healthy eating. This morning when I went to boil water for my matcha smoothie thing I broke the handle on the tea pot. Bye bye adorable black and white enamel tea pot. And then when I went to shake the carton of coconut milk for the matcha smoothie I hadn’t screwed the lid on tight enough and that whole end of the kitchen got a delicate bath of unsweetened coconut milk.


Backing up to last night – I made a killer veggie stir fry with rice noodles, fried tofu planks, and a home made sauce

Needless to say, I made it until approximately 1pm today before saying “fuck this shit” and putting on PJs instead of work clothes. In spite of things being rather rough here lately, I’m still alive and kicking. It took until this afternoon but I’ve finally managed to get some things crossed off my lists. I’ve gotten myself a little organized, and that always helps.

Bad Brain Days are often made better by furry friends

Tomorrow is another day.

so there I was, damn certain I’d come up with a witty and brilliant idea for a blog title and it was all just gone…

Am I the only one that happens to? I would swear that sometime earlier this morning I’d come up with something absolutely wonderful to call this post, and now I’ve got a fist full of nada. Well shit.

I have been making some progress with the holiday knitting. The first gift is essentially finished and I’ve started on the second one. All of the necessary yarn is wound. I may, or may not, need to find one pattern yet. But I feel good about how that’s been going, in spite of the help I’ve been getting.

His favorite thing is to “make biscuits” on my leg. Painful at the best of times, annoying AF when I’m trying to knit.

But things in general are good at Casa del Crazypants. We’ve made our plans for Thanksgiving, such as they are, and we’ve started talking about what we want to do for Christmas together. Part of what makes every holiday a little trickier is that Lancelot doesn’t get any extra time off. Christmas and New Year’s are a little better this year since they fall during his normal weekend, but Thanksgiving doesn’t. So I’ll cook on either Friday or Saturday, not sure which yet, and one of our friends is going to join us. He’s every bit as careful about plague protocols as we are.

In other exciting news, I thought I would share my Eggnog Chai Coffee concoction with y’all.

So you start with the cold coffee. I brew a 12 cup pot with 3/4C regular coffee (Folgers right now I think) and add 1tsp ground cinnamon, 1/2tsp ground cardamon, 1/4tsp ground nutmeg, and 1/8tsp ground ginger. All of that goes into the basket together and I brew it like normal. I dump that pot into the clear pitcher you see in the back and add 1/2C Splenda, then pop it in the fridge. That lasts about a week.

In a large insulated cup (that one is 32oz) I put ice, about half way, and then add coffee to cover the ice. Next is the eggnog, a nice glug of it (so precise) and then I top it all off with milk. That’s it. It’s nothing too complicated, it’s not at all expensive, and I think it tastes fabulous. When eggnog isn’t in season (why is it ever not???) I just replace that part with half and half.

I do stop at the coffee shop sometimes but their drinks are smaller and they’re expensive. Plus, there’s usually a line. Making coffee in my own kitchen doesn’t require pants, and I enjoy that.