quick update

I am not yet dead, nor do I plan to be any time soon. I’ve just been busy. In my defense I’ve finished damn near everything I had on my “winter holiday to do” list, including taking an inventory of my entire yarn stash.

Yes, the Entire Stash. Don’t look at me like that. If Lancelot thinks he needs to stage an intervention I want to make sure it’s truly justified. And let me tell you, it 100% is NOT. I have fewer than 100 skeins of yarn and many of them are partials.

But I digress. I will hold to the plan of not buying any more yarn in the new year unless I somehow manage to knit and/or crochet all of what I have on hand before December 31, 2020.

I plan to put together a bit of a “Year is Retrospect” kind of post but today is not that day. Let me distract you with a few choice photos instead.

L and I on Christmas Eve. He’s quite the silly boy, but he’s my silly boy and I love him. He got me some truly gorgeous necklaces this year.

The fuzzballs love to play. Except Eric. Eric is like the grumpy old man of the group.

Garth is ridiculously adorable. He got up on top of the microwave the other morning and was just being cute. I managed to catch him with his little tongue hanging out.

christmas is the time to say i love you

I can’t remember what song that’s from, but it’s catchy.

So I’ve been busy, which is a lame ass excuse but it is what it is. I’ve been trying to get stuff lined up for the holidays, drain my health care spending account, visit ALL the doctors, and not go bat-crap crazy.

So far, so good.

Lancelot got tickets for us to see Jesus Christ Superstar last weekend. It was amazing. We had seats on the main floor just off to the side so our view was phenomenal.

Garth and Pippy have been playing a lot lately. I snapped this the other morning when they were pretending to be good. I finished a sweater for Pippy last night, I’ll have to get a picture of it on her. The pattern was more like a recipe, which was fine, and it was crocheted with two strands of worsted weight Red Heart using a size N hook. It worked up FAST.

I also, sometime since last we spoke, did go through and get all of my yarn collected. I didn’t do the inventory yet but it’s at least in one place and I have an idea of what’s there.

We need a damn intervention.

But that’s fine, I no longer have disposable income. My student loans have to be paid on again, among other things, so I really need to focus on using up what I have on hand. That shouldn’t be too hard.

My last day of work (official work) is this Friday. The university shuts down starting Saturday and we won’t come back until January 2nd. I will likely come in at some point to take down my holiday decorations and take a few bits and pieces home. The rumor about us moving (AGAIN) are true. I want to do a bit of a purge here while I’ve got peace and quiet to do it.

completely out of sorts

We had a lovely weekend. Busy, crazy busy, but good. Now unfortunately I feel like I’m coming down with a cold. Flying with a cold is just no damn good.

I’m trying to get myself back on track. Only a few weeks before I leave on my trip. I really am getting excited now, especially since I found out today that a fairly massive project I’ve been trying to make progress on at work has been put on (indefinite?) hold. Praise Ceiling Cat!!!

Anyway, I broke my promise to myself and bought four skeins of yarn on Friday. I also went to a craft show on Saturday and got two necklaces, a Christmas ornament, two cat ornaments, a wood sign, a jar of salsa, a jar of cinnamon pickles, and ten pairs of earrings. And yes, the cinnamon pickles are delicious. I have no idea if this is a Midwestern thing or not; I don’t think I’ve ever seen them before.

We went and saw Rocky Horror Picture Show at the community theater Saturday night and it was amazing. I think we’re a little spoiled having such a great theater scene here. Lancelot decided Saturday when we got home that we really need to go see Jesus Christ Superstar in December so he ordered tickets online. Yay!

Our weather here is turning shitty and I’m not fond of it. But I did get to see Lancelot this morning for a bit and that meant hugs. Love me some hugs.

Pippy has figured out how to get up on the chair. Eric is not excited about sharing his nap spot.

and just like that I found myself excited instead of petrified, and it was breathtakingly amazing

I don’t understand even half the nonsense that goes on in my brain so I do hope that you, gentle reader, don’t expect me to be able to explain it to you. Because I can’t. But here goes my best effort…

I am slowly but surely getting everything ready for my trip. I checked my packing list again this morning and I think it’s as thorough as I can get it. I’m not sure yet when I’ll do my practice pack but it needs to be soon.

I’m not too worried about the packing thing. I’ve done this before. I know the tricks to getting through airport security and what to expect. One of my biggest things with these trips is that I don’t check luggage on the way there. I don’t want to arrive and find myself with no clothes. I’m more than happy to check a bag full of dirty laundry on the way home.

So I’m taking a carry on suitcase and my backpack, like I always do. I don’t travel with body wash or shampoo, no liquids in my bag at all. Slip on shoes for going through security. Backup paper copies of everything, and backup digital copies as well. I wear a light jacket and comfortable jeans; I’ll be sleeping in those clothes on the plane so they need to be like pjs.

This trip I’m also going to pack and empty duffel bag. I figure if I find time to shop I can always check my suitcase and carry the duffel and backpack as my carry on pieces. I’m checking with my travel partner to see what she thinks of this arrangement.

I’m still working on my list of things to do but I’m making steady progress. And that, I think, is why it’s starting to get to the “gee, this actually does sound like it could be fun” point.

I’ve been looking for projects to take with and still haven’t totally decided. I’m starting to think that perhaps I’m limiting myself by thinking I have to take this particular yarn with me. The one “must” is that the required yarn be in my stash as of right now.

Pippy and my sister’s kitten playing the other day

so there I was, stuck on a conference call that I wanted no part of when suddenly a chimp wearing a Carmen Miranda outfit came strolling into my office…

I hate conference calls. With a passion. They’re awful, absolutely fucking awful. They’re rarely productive. And I look like shit on a webcam.

Anyway, moving on.

I went and got my flu shot last night. I’m a staunch supporter of all vaccines and I would love to be able to mandate them, for my cow-orkers if nothing else. I took the time yesterday to figure out where we could go and have the shot not only covered 100% by our insurance but also get a $5 coupon for Target. Hint, it was at the CVS Pharmacy inside Target.

I shared this information with my little circle of pals. The one said, “you’re so good to take care of us like this.” Um, honey, I’m not taking care of you I’m taking care of me. Go get your damn shot so you don’t bring any more germs than necessary into this petri dish.

Being this adorable is absolutely exhausting

I’m still working on the World’s Most Boring Shawl. I’ve decided that what irritates me most about it is that it really looks like kite string. There’s no style to it, no panache, nothing really interesting at all. I hate it. But I want it done and off the needles as quickly as possible so I can get back to something more exciting.

I will just sleep on top of my toys

Lancelot and I have tickets to see Rocky Horror Picture Show at the community playhouse later this month and I’m trying to figure out if I should dress up for the show, and if so, which character should I dress up as? I’d make a wicked Dr. Frank-N-Furter, but I’m not sure about wearing a corset and fishnets in public like that. I’m sure I’ll come up with something.

all the seasons at once

This part of the country is notorious for having wide temperature ranges within a single day. For example, it was 41F on my drive in this morning and will get to a high of 70F this afternoon. Nothing like wearing jeans and sandals out of necessity. So since the weather is turning colder, Mom and I rolled up the garden hose in the back yard yesterday. Pippy had to help.

She chased and drank the water coming out of the other end of the hose

The weekend was good, nice and relaxing. Lancelot and I had delivery pizza for dinner Friday night and ate our dinner on the couch while watching Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives. We love that show. And that was the Friday evening I needed. Saturday was breakfast at the restaurant where we had our first date and then errands. Our friends came over that night for a UFC pay per view and brought dinner from one of my favorite Mexican restaurants. That was a late night but a good night.

Sunday we went and saw Joker. I don’t recommend it. The acting was amazing and the story was great, don’t get me wrong. But I don’t think I have ever in my life seen a darker film that wasn’t a realistic portrayal of war.

This is a very realistic portrayal of what mental illness can look like, particularly when the person doesn’t have access to adequate medical resources.

It hit L very hard. I was thankful that I was there with him. When we got back to his apartment I told him that we’d talk about it in the car, get it out, but then leave it outside. The darkness didn’t need to follow us. So we talked, and cried, and held each other. By the time I left I think we were both doing better.

A dark puppy who was too many toys in her bed, that’s the kind of dark I want

In addition to hose winding yesterday I managed to get my laundry done (only one load, WOOT! I must be doing better at keeping on top of it), put my miscellaneous stuff from L’s away, outfits and jewelry for the week, plenty of knitting on the World’s Most Boring Shawl, and I mixed up some Chai Tea.

Everything tastes better in a dragon mug

I found the recipe on Pinterest and it was stupid easy. I split it into two jars, one for home and one for the office. It doesn’t compare to what I enjoyed in New Dehli, but it’s not too damn bad. Oh, that blue flower, that’s one of my fused glass creations.

the love it/hate it installment

I’ve been having some difficulties lately, mostly related to health. My skin had been acting up, my sleep got kind of weird, and then last Thursday my back starting giving me trouble. I ended up almost entirely out of commission for a large chunk of the weekend and then yesterday I waved the white flag and went to see the chiropractor. It’s not as horrible as it could be, but it ain’t good. So I don’t have much to say great today, and that means lists.

Hate It

  • putting on my underwear is a fucking process because I can’t really bend
  • I may have frostbit my ass from sitting with ice packs so much lately
  • I had a wee confrontation with the dermatologist, which I hate (but see below)
  • I’m shaking worse than I maybe ever have before
  • Lancelot is having trouble at his job and it makes me so sad to see him miserable
  • there ain’t a fucking thing I can do about L’s job
  • I’ve been feeling like I’m stuck in a vat of molasses

Love It

  • the molasses feeling is starting to subside; I got a ton of knitting done yesterday
  • I’m down one pill – I got to get rid of the Metformin
  • the psych doc is also doing a little decrease to try to help with the shaking
  • my back is starting to feel better, I know it will be a process
  • L was over the top good to me this weekend and did an amazing job taking care of me
  • Mom has been awesome about taking care of me, too
  • the puppy and my cats are quite entertaining

productive at last, thank ceiling cat almighty, i was productive at last!

That was quite the whirlwind of a long weekend for me, but in a good way. Lancelot and I got the grocery shopping done, I made a simple but yummy dinner Friday night, and then we snuggled while watching the Food Network. So romantic. ❤

On Saturday we went to my office and picked up the orchid, miniature rose, and spider plants to take back to the house. Those all have light requirements that can’t be satisfied here easily. We also were on call for puppy-sitting.

He looks miserable, doesn’t he? Pippi loves him, almost as much as I do I suspect. And he loves playing with all the critters. This was his part of helping while I was rearranging plants.

Eric is still not at all interested in playing with Pippi, but he’s getting to the point of tolerating her. Most of the time anyway. Pippi and Garth will roll around together, bite ears, and when Garth has had enough he rolls onto his back and “bunny kicks” her under the chin.

In addition to my greenhouse duties, I was able to get my laundry done, including putting fresh sheets on my bed, I made both Jell-o and pudding for lunches, and other miscellaneous stuff that I’d neglected. Honestly, I’m considering bringing L to the house with me on either Friday night or Saturday morning for a bit like this more often. He loves the critter time and I love being so productive while having him there for drive-by kisses.

My nieces came over on Sunday to hang out for a bit and I decided to try making jewelry while they were there. This was the result – four pairs of earrings, a necklace/earring set, a pendant, and a brooch made of buttons. I’m pretty pleased. Being creative, making things, is part of self-care for me. I even knit this weekend and I have to say, it felt amazing.


torturing myself with cereal

The tremors are kind of awful today. So what am I attempting to feed myself? Cereal with milk. Because I mostly can. And I’m wearing a white shirt, so it’s all good.

Lancelot were out to eat one night, can’t recall when, and I was having so much trouble feeding myself that when we got home I cried all over him. I’m not sure if people realize that there’s more to mental illness than medicine and therapy regimes. The side effects are sometimes the worst.

Granted, this is more of a  nuisance than anything, but still. Not being able to get food to your mouth, or hold and drink out of a cup using just one hand and no straw, are thing most people take for granted. How about being able to sleep without taking 19 pills?

Sorry, I digress. The pity party is hereby over. You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here.

L and I went out with my oldest and dearest friend on Friday night and it was wonderful. I needed the boost that one only gets from someone you’ve known and loved like that for more than 20 years. And she texted me afterwards that L meets with her approval. Yay!

Today is the first day of our semester here. In spite of the fact that I did not feel so swell yesterday I managed to get three lunches made, all of the laundry washed, dried, and put away, and clothes for the coming week laid out. I feel pretty fucking proud of that.

Gratuitous sleepy puppy bum

there i was, cornered in a cardboard shoe box, no popcorn left, trying my best to look like that stacked dude in To Wong Foo…

Why yes, I have gone over the edge, thanks for asking!

I really should be working right now, but I figure I deserve a break for a few minutes. I’ve been making good progress here lately which is good. I even managed to get some laundry done last night, so total bonus. Lancelot and I will be puppy-sitting tomorrow afternoon so I’m going to try to get some stuff done at the house while he keeps an eye on Pippi.

She really is an adorable little shit. So ornery. I found Garth’s favorite toy, Rhonda the Raccoon (also known as his fuck friend) yesterday in my laundry basket. Pippi  latched onto her immediately. Last night when we went to bed I got all the animals and Garth brought Rhonda to bed. The second he was done with her Pippi swiped her. Kids. Eric stayed sprawled out behind me in his usual night time spot.

I woke up this morning to a message from L saying that he’d had a song stuck in his head that reminded him of me. I listened and nearly cried; it’s very sweet. The original was from the Beatles “Help!” album released in August 1965. The video below is Paul McCartney with Wings from a tour they did in 1976.