the postman bringeth

I may or may not have confessed to buying more yarn. Well, I did, and here it is. The colors are fairly accurate except for the two balls of Chroma on the end. All of this came from Knit Picks. What you see here is three shawls (at least one of these is a for sure) and a cowl. I’m pretty damn excited.

I’ve decided that I’m also going to try branching back out into some of the crafts I used to do. I saw something on Pinterest this morning that was made with seed beads and lamented my lack of motor control. Lancelot gave his usual gentle encouragement and that got me started looking for ideas. What I came up with is decidedly not as complicated as I used to do, but requires only supplies I have on hand and should be completed within an hour or two.

I also found instructions so I can re-teach myself how to needle tat. I never could figure out how to use shuttles, but the needle made sense to me. The only tatted piece I still have is a reasonable size doily I made. I’m not sure if I’ll get back to that level of complexity, but I’d like to give it a shot.

Speaking of shots… More blood work came back goofy so today I had a tele-health visit with my psych doc. The regular doc is worried about my kidneys so she wanted me to talk to the psych doc to make sure it’s not related to the Lithium I take for the Bipolar. Psych doc is not worried but has requested her own blood work which will include a Lithium level, among other things. So for now there will be no changes. Her guess is that the kidney doc will do the same as the blood doc and we’ll keep an eye on this for a while as well. Very exciting.

I’m looking forward to a productive yet relaxing weekend. There are some small projects around the house that need to get done and some craft projects I would like to do, and Lancelot mentioned wanting to watch a few movies. Doesn’t sound half bad.

working from home

I am not super excited about working at home, it’s just not my thing. But I’m trying to make the best of it.My coworkers are kind of jerks sometimes, but it’s nice that they’re spending more time with me.

My biggest issue is that I miss my friends on campus. I chat with them off and on but it’s not quite the same. I’ve been able to see Lancelot the last two mornings and that helps, a ton. I know he’s worried about me, and I know why. He’s sweet.

The birthday wasn’t what either of us had planned, but I really thought it was good. L got me two gorgeous necklaces and a really cool resin skull with Celtic knot designs all over it. Mom’s friend R got me a baby Yoda coffee mug.

It’s not the stuff or the place that makes an occasion, it’s the people you’re surrounded by.


trying to find normal

Pretty much everything around here is closing. Restaurants, bars, churches, schools. I’m thinking it’s just a matter of time before I start working from home. And then this morning when I picked up Lancelot they had blocked a section of the parking lot because they’re going to put in tents and screen everyone before their shift starts.

I’ve been screened twice, once before each doc appointment I’ve had this week, so I get it. We’re worried, rightly so, and checking for a fever is a fast way to help reduce the spread. But it’s a little scary.

So I’m trying to keep things as normal as I can.

I’m taking silly pictures of the kitties. Garth has been picked up by Penelope a lot so he’s taken to hiding on top of the linen cupboard in my bathroom.

This morning I spent a little time with my fella watching the Dropkick Murphys concert from last night. If you missed it you should definitely go out to YouTube and watch. It was phenomenal.

As much of my life as I can keep the same I am. I’m having to make a few adjustments like everyone is, but I refuse to let this get me down. My 44th birthday is this Saturday and I’ll be damned if I let anything fuck with that.


forgive me gentle readers, I haven’t died yet…

Life around here is just 100% BATSHIT FUCKING CRAZY, to put it mildly.

Y’all might have heard of that rotten little COVID-19 thing that’s going around. Since I work for a university everyone here is trying to scramble to make sure that we can continue to operate as close to normal as possible when the inevitable happens and we end up closing the campus. They call this stuff “disaster preparedness” and what you tend to realize is that you really aren’t very prepared at all.

So I haven’t been knitting or really doing much of anything recreational because by the time I get home I am entirely exhausted and incapable of anything more complicated than drooling on myself. It’s amazing.

But no, I’m not sick. I’m as healthy as I ever am, just totally wore out. I miss writing, I miss knitting, and I miss Lancelot. I haven’t been picking him up every morning and I didn’t realize what a difference that would make. Honestly, I HATE not seeing him every day.

I will survive.

as the virus invades

One of my blog pals, NothingButKnit, posted about being sick and she included some questions. It seems very fitting right now, so here goes…

  • How to you stay healthy when the people in your house get sick? What are your favorite ways to prevent a cold?

I take Humira to deal with a skin issue and because of that my immune system isn’t great. I take Airborne, an immune supplement, every day. I also take a multivitamin, drink orange juice, and try to get decent sleep.

  • What are your secrets to treating a cold? Do you feed a cold and starve a fever?

I mostly let my body tell me what it wants. If I’m hungry, I eat. And I let myself eat whatever the fuck I want. I always assume if I’m craving something there’s a reason for it. I do try to load up on vitamin B12 and vitamin C, preferably from food. I also drink, tons.

  • I believe that when you’re sick you should be extra kind to yourself? What do you do to baby yourself when you’re sick?

I try to be extra kind to myself, but it’s not always easy. I have this mentality that I have to do all the things all the time, and it’s hard to break that just because I don’t feel well. I do try to make myself favorite beverages like hot cocoa with instant espresso powder in it.

  • I think eating when you’re sick is a challenge. Do you eat your usual foods or do you have special things you like to eat when you’re sick?

I absolutely love Campbell’s Chicken and Stars soup, which I know is kind of gross. I also like the really cheap ramen noodles. My favorite is my mom’s rice pudding, or really any of the comfort foods I grew up with.

I have to admit that the corona virus is scaring me. Not that I’ve traveled to China or know anyone who has been recently, but we’ve got one of the quarantine sites not far from here. My concern is that because my immune system isn’t great I know I’d be more susceptible to something like that. But I get all of my vaccinations and I do try to take good care of myself. Just a little scary, ya know?

that was not what I expected

This picture of the boys wrestling on my bed the other day pretty well sums up how I feel right now. It’s a whole lot of “what the everloving fuck is going on here?” Not that I have my ass in the air like poor Eric, but still.

I’m still fighting off some kind of upper respiratory nonsense. No fever and no nasty cough, thank dog, but I do have some sinus issues and I’m tired. Like all the time I’m tired. There’s no such thing as enough sleep right now.

On the positive side I’m making strides towards finishing a few projects. I have a thing that was supposed to be a shawl but will end up being a scarf, and now I not only have a plan but all of the materials to finish it. I’m also just about done with the really basic striped shawl. I’m anticipating it will be done maybe tonight.

Yesterday morning I started an entrelac scarf. I’m using yarn that’s much thinner than called for, fingering instead of aran, but it’s going to be lovely. I had forgotten how delightfully soothing entrelac can be. I still need to re-write the pattern for the mitts for K. I know once I do those aren’t going to take long.

In the “more good news” category, the money issues weren’t actually issues. I had noticed something odd on the pay deposit for tomorrow’s check that made no sense to me and I was afraid it was a mistake. But it’s not, and that makes me happy. So between finally getting paid for the last of the grant expenses and getting my federal taxes back already I’ll be paying off damn near everything I owe except the car, my big card, and my student loans.

I am beyond excited about this.

And tonight is hair night, and that’s incredibly exciting this time. I’m actually going back to my current natural color. It’s silver. Seriously. And it’s going to get cut shorter. This is going to be fun.


how to kick my own ass

My back is still sore but might be getting better. This morning the chiropractor did something he called “dry needling” that involved very fine, very long needles that he tapped into the muscle knots and then attached to electrodes. Funky, to say the least. But it seems to have helped. I’m sitting on my ice pack again but I feel reasonable.

Lancelot and I are going out tonight and I’m rather excited. I had to get spiffed up for work today so I’m a little nicer looking than your average Friday. I’m even sporting new jewelry I  made. Most importantly, I’m comfortable.

I’d had the materials to make this set for well over a year, maybe closer to two. The beads and crystals are all a deep garnet and the earrings are identical to the focal rose on the necklace. I think it looks really nice. And yes, that’s a bit of my desk in the background. It’s very eclectic in here, just like me.

Anyway, I’ve got a list of stuff to do that’s roughly a mile long and I have zero desire to do any of it. Story of my life.

well shit

Any woman will tell you how frustrating it is to bleed. Unlike men, we don’t just bleed. We bleed. And it can last for a week without the blessed relief of death. I’m kidding, or am I?

When I was 35 years old I had a partial hysterectomy. I was having horrible periods, my gynecologist and psychiatrist were partially controlling my mood issues with birth control pills (mostly successfully), but I had reached that magic age where that wasn’t going to work anymore. So they took out my uterus and cervix. Problem solved. Sort of.

When I was 39 I had surgery on my legs to deal with a skin issue. I have a condition where I get huge cysts that get infected and ooze yuck. Part of the oozing was blood, so even though I no longer had a period I was still dealing with getting blood on my clothes at random times. UGH.

The surgery mostly dealt with that, at least until the cysts moved into my groin. Wow, nothing like having cysts in your lady bits.

I’m taking Humira injections once a week plus two pills to try to combat this. It SUCKS but most of the time I know when I’ve got something active.

Evidently today is one of those days and I just got blindsided.


The good news is that it doesn’t hurt, and I’m wearing pants that should hide any spots. But for fuck sake, enough is enough.

oh the things i want to do!

That was me this morning, in the car, waiting for Lancelot to get done with work. Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” was playing on the stereo. That is just so very much me.

So many ideas right now, things I want to do. I was contemplating a possible new project for my bedroom that would let me display my necklaces better. I’ve also been thinking about making jewelry from some of the pieces I picked up over the weekend. And knit projects with the yarn I got in Ireland.

Notice anything missing? I just really don’t feel like doing any writing. And that’s not good. I’ve got one packet left to finish. I need to buckle down.

In other news, I saw the dermatologist yesterday. I’m starting a new topical ointment and three new pills. I’m not thrilled, but she seems optimistic. Oh, and I need to put some serious effort into losing weight. I told her that I could lose 8lbs by the time I see her in four weeks.

I’ve got to do this. I’ve been suffering with this nonsense for too long. And I know I’ll feel better if there’s a little less of me. I know what I look like doesn’t really matter to Lancelot, but I also know that he wants me healthy.

Step one – no more sugared beverages. Anything sweet must be zero calorie. Fruit juice must be 100% juice and not have any added sugar. Just doing this should help. But I’m also going for more raw fruits and veggies, portion control, and less junk. I can do this.

Once my ankle heals a little more I can get back on the treadmill and that should really help. Right now just isn’t the time for that. But I’ll get there. I have to.

keep moving

I’ve been meaning to post but then I had a wicked upper respiratory infection that laid me out flat for the better part of a week. I didn’t do much beyond Facebook on my phone, Law & Order SVU, and chicken & stars soup in a coffee mug.

I know how to roll, yo.

I’m finally back at work and feeling better. Mostly. I’m definitely in a “take no prisoners” kind of mood. I’ve had my fucking fill of the stupid.

That’s pretty much where I’m at right now. Except I’m eating a salad.

Anyway, I’m behind on homework which is not surprising. I have an assignment due tonight which shouldn’t be a problem. I need to get my ass in gear with the reading and writing though, which means I need to devise a new evening schedule for myself.

Oh I do love me some planning and scheming…

The total upside of this is that the reading is utterly fascinating, so I’ve got that going for me.