i do not think it means what you think it means

I suspect that we all have something that we grew up with and thought it was just so wonderful, so sweet, and then when we got older we realize just how fucking sick it really was. For example, the children’s game Ring Around the Rosy. Seems innocent enough until you learn that the origins were in the Dark Ages, the time of the Black Death specifically. Creepy, right?

For your consideration, I present Dead South’s rendition of the classic American song “You Are My Sunshine.” I remember my grandfather singing this to me as a little girl. I was probably in my 30s when I heard the rest of the song and figured out that the guy singing is most likely a creepy ass stalker. But the harmonies and the cinematography are just undeniably amazing.

I will say that I find music to be a huge piece of my world, and I pride myself on having pretty diverse taste. I’m not one to rule out entire genres of music but rather I can point to someone/something I like just about all the way across the board. And different music helps me in different situations.

When I need to focus on work tasks I usually turn to guitar harp artist Jamie Dupuis. When I need energy I turn on something I can sing to like Bowling for Soup. When I need to get my sassy pants on I tend towards Brothers Osborne. And when I want something relaxing but not sleepy I lean to Mumford & Sons. Between Lancelot and I we have a ridiculously large music library, and I love it.

I realized earlier today that I haven’t been finishing any of my projects lately, just adding more. In all fairness most of them aren’t that big, but then that makes me feel even more like they should be done already. For whatever reason I’m back at that place where everything is boring when it comes to my knitting. It’s frustrating.

Right now I have seven projects in the works – the Lotus Cowl, lace scarf, scarves for charity, a kitty doll, mohair shawl, shawl for a friend, and a vest I’m making for myself. I realize it’s not even the end of October but I really don’t want to take any of those into 2022 if I can help it.