Short post today y’all, I’m still recovering. The good news is that I am finally starting to feel better. And the even better news is that I’m getting my vaccine shot tomorrow. Super excited about that.

What I really want to share comes from a prompt in my Noom lessons this morning. “Write about five qualities you’re proud of having.” Can’t back away from an invitation like that.

Empathetic – if I haven’t actually walked a mile in your shoes (I’ve been around most of the blocks at least once) then I’ll try my hardest to put myself there.

Strong – you know how they say that women are like tea, you only know their strength by putting them in boiling water? Yeah, I’ve been in some seriously yuck situations and come out the other side stronger because I just don’t have a good grasp of what it means to back down.

Kind – I’m not a religious person, but I follow my own most important rule and I do my best to treat everyone the way I’d like them to treat me. This has lead to being hurt and taken advantage of many, MANY, times, but it’s still the only way I know how to behave. If I have two cookies and you don’t have any, I’m going to offer you a cookie.

Creative – I find solace in creativity. I used to draw and do intricate beadwork, but my hands won’t stay still enough anymore. I can still knit and crochet and I get a little wild in the kitchen. My favorite creative outlets are making holiday gifts for a small group of family and friends and by cooking.

Student of life – I have a Master’s degree, a graduate certificate, a semester of graduate work in a different area, and two professional certificates. I see the world as my classroom and I have no plans to ever stop learning. The day I don’t learn anything new will be the day I’ve stopped breathing.

Garth says that his best qualities are that he’s soft and adorable