an update of sorts

Since the last time I visited with y’all I’ve had a slumber party with the nieces, gone for manicures with the girls and let the older niece pick out my colors, done a little shopping, changed some of the hardware in my bathroom, and taken an alcohol ink class. Oh, and I finished the one shawl.

So, YAY!

Eric hanging out inside a Panera bag during breakfast
You truly cannot go wrong letting a 9 year old fashionista pick out the colors for your manicure
Eric modeling with the nearly finished shawl
Alcohol ink projects – peacock painting on Yupo paper, purple rose, bluebells, and (alleged) pink lily, and then a wild drip art piece – all of those on 4″ white ceramic tile (click to see a huge image)

Quite possibly the most exciting is that since the last time I bothered to weigh myself I’ve lost 3lbs. Small victory, but still.

I’m still working to find my groove and figure out what it is that makes me really happy so that I can make sure to do more of that, whatever “that” is.

But as I sit here with a wild kitten under my desk playing soccer with his ping-pong ball and head-butting me every time he goes by my legs, I have to wonder if maybe hanging out with the fluffy kids might just be what makes me happiest of all when it comes to a leisure time activity.

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