trying to get caught back up and then doing something that felt really brave

I have some kind of health care savings account thingy at work that I put money into before taxes come out and then I can use it to pay for doctor type stuff. Don’t ask me if it’s an FSA or HSA because no matter how many times I try to figure it out, I can’t. So whatever. I have this magic Visa card, let’s leave it at that.

My issue is that they get all pissy about the charges I make, charges that are 100% legit. What it means is that I end up having to get digital copies of what I paid and a copy of the explanation of benefits from the insurance company – assuming I have those things. It ends up meaning a bunch of scanning for me. Sixteen transactions worth, so far. Normally I wouldn’t have this many, and normally their website where I have to submit all of this nonsense wouldn’t be powered by a hamster with gout in all of his toes.

Such is life I guess. In the time it’s taken me to write this short bit of text I still haven’t been able to successfully attach and submit the two PDFs necessary for a single fucking transaction. Frustrated does not even begin to cover it. I started doing this yesterday and managed to get almost everything scanned and four transactions submitted. FOUR.

In other, more interesting, news, Lancelot and I are hoping to get new nightstands for the bedroom at the end of the month. Hoping. They’ve been ordered but furniture orders aren’t always timely right now, so we’ll see. But in an effort to get ready I decided to move a few other small pieces of furniture around and am quite pleased with the results. I still have some fussing to do in my office but things are progressing nicely. On Friday I managed to get the closet in here cleaned out and straightened up and that made me feel wonderful. I also got my filing caught up which is always a good thing.

I decided that the best way to keep the “good thing” feeling going was to make some decisions about those lingering projects. In the spirit of full disclosure, my list of projects was:

  • Shell Scarf, knitted but in need of assembly
  • Ilo shawl, started
  • Fingerless mitts for a friend, started
  • Crochet shell blanket for Mom, started and a few skeins in
  • Off Kilter shawl
  • Knit shrug, my own pattern, probably 1/3 of the way down with the first half

I looked at all of them, thought about how they made me feel, what all needed to be done, and whether I was still willing to do it. The Shell Scarf bit the dust.

(the submission I started before this post JUST NOW finished processing everything… oy…)

Anyway, that scarf wasn’t what that yarn was supposed to be anyway. It was supposed to be a shawl but I ran out of yarn and what I’d come up with was a “punt” anyway, and I kind of hated it. I certainly didn’t love it. So it’s in the trash, literally. And I don’t feel the least bit bad about it.

This morning I started working on the mitts for my friend. They should go quick though the pattern involves cables. I don’t mind cables, they just slow down the process a bit. But the yarn is nice and I had worked the cuff of the first one already so that helped. Ribbing is boring.

I don’t think Off Kilter is going to take too much longer. I’m starting the 13th repeat (of 25) and then I’ll just have the edge to do, so I’m pretty optimistic about that one.

I haven’t worked on Ilo since before L moved in with me, so easily sometime in January or February, and I don’t remember how far I got, other than “not too damn far.” The yarn is lovely though, so that will help.

The knit shrug I’m working on is BASIC. I’ve got two balls of the same yarn, I started by having L measure the distance across my back from shoulder to shoulder and then the distance around my arm up at the top (chubbiest spot). I did a provisional cast on of 50 stitches and worked stockinette flat until I hit half of my total back measurement, which ended up being 12″ for me. Then I joined and started working in the round. When I reach a magical number, that I have yet to decide, I’ll switch to working ribbing and incorporating size 6 seed beads. So it’s fun but it’s kind of boring right now. The yarn is beautiful and the beads will look great, it’s going to be a really nifty piece. But the knitting is putting me to sleep.

And last but not least is the blanket for my mom. The yarn is Red Heart Super Saver and the color, I think, is called Desert Paint, or something like that. The pattern is a super basic single row repeat that works up pretty easy and doesn’t require any thinking. It’s a fantastic TV project. But it’s a blanket, and it’s really just started to get cool enough here to work on a blanket. I suspect this will start to see more love here shortly.

Speaking of cool, we’re in line for snow tonight. Not the first snow of the season, but possibly the first measurable snow. I’m not excited.

I don’t think the boys really give a damn about snow. They’ll sleep in any kind of weather.

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