you can’t keep a good woman down

So my whole “I give up on dudes entirely and will be joining a convent immediately” bit didn’t last long. Which is kind of weird because I’ve been single quite awhile and was (almost) perfectly content. But anyway, I put myself out there, had the (neverending apparently) run in with the jerk, but then found my Lancelot.

Backing up for a minute…

I don’t ever condone calling someone that you allegedly want to get to know at 6am on a Sunday morning, drunk off your everloving ass. No bueno. But he did. I blocked his phone number and his Facebook account. Up pops another phone number and a second Facebook account. Shady much? Blocked and blocked. I start saving the voice mail messages in case I need to levy a stalking charge. I thought I had heard the last of him. But no.

This morning while I was having breakfast with Lancelot (not what you think) my phone rang. I have stopped answering any number not in my contacts list. Guess who! Seriously, give up already.

So about Lancelot… He’s smart, funny, tall, handsome, and has these beautiful blue eyes. The best part is that he gives the best hugs. The trickiest part is that he works 3rd shift. Not impossible to manage, just requires a little creativity.

In other interesting news, the Fall semester starts on Monday and I’m already feeling fried. I’ve crashed early the last two nights and slept horribly. I’m hoping things improve soon. This is crazy making.

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