the first of the lasts

“just to warn you, mama is about to get weird”

I don’t even pretend to understand why my strange little brain works the way it does, why bother. But on the drive to work this morning (thank dog that only lasts about 15 minutes or else we’d be in serious kimchee) I realized that I’m about to embark on a series of very minor “lasts.” Minor in that they aren’t permanent. Oh hell, let me illustrate…

Tonight is the last night I’ll sleep in my own bed until November 25th.

I put gas in the car for the last time this morning until (not sure with this one).

Tomorrow will be my last day at work until November 28th.

Friday is my last day in the US until November 24th.

And the biggest one right now… Friday is the last day I will see Mom and Lancelot until November 24th.

I’ll talk to both of them every day, I know this. I’ve setup to be able to call from India and both of them have schedules such that it shouldn’t be an issue. But I’ll miss them both terribly.

I will also miss the little orange menaces. They know something is going on because of the suitcases and the near perpetual mess on my bed in the evenings. I think Eric has maybe been trying to figure out how to stowaway in my bag. He’s got a thing for getting into bags and boxes.

At any rate, I think I’m in pretty good shape. I did decide to switch to the tiny carry-on suitcase and the backpack. It’s a lot more flexibility and it means I don’t have to pack an empty bag in case I buy too much stuff. Mom is going to help me do a double-check tonight to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything. I think all that’s really left are the few bits that can’t be packed until the last minute.

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