and for my next encore…

I’m working on getting all the last bits and pieces wrapped up at home and at work. I feel pretty solid about the packing. I’ve got a few more things to do at work but I feel good about that, too. Right now I’m eating what should have been breakfast even though it’s after 1pm. But honestly, rice pudding with blueberries can be eaten anytime.

I actually feel pretty calm and collected right now, at least about this trip. Yes, this trip. There’s another trip in the works now. It’s hush-hush right now because I’m not sure about the funding but my colleague and I submitted a proposal to present at a conference and we got accepted. We actually got the email this morning at the same time and collided mid-hug in the hallway. Nothing like a couple of girls hugging and jumping and screaming in an office. It’s going to be another amazing trip and this time over my birthday. And Lancelot is going to try to come with me.

Speaking of Lancelot, I’m going to be taking his cat stuffie friend Daryl with me on my trip. You’re familiar with the roaming gnome? Yeah, like that only with a small smartass looking cat. I’ll be photographing him all over the place. Brace yourselves.

I will do my best to keep updating here during my trip. If I can’t you can rest assured that there will be a metric shit-ton of pictures when I get back.

Be good to each other….

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