random news

I am definitely a college student again. I had an assignment due yesterday so of course I waited to start it until last night. I stayed up too late getting it done, but I finished.

The Garth-o-matic 3000 alarm clock did not go off this morning. Normally I get bit on the fingers around 4:30am, roughly the time L sends  me a text while on his lunch break. Nope. So when I finally had to pee at 7:10am I got up. Ninety minutes late. To my credit I did manage to get to work in time for my 8:15 meeting.

The meeting was awesome. I’ll be working with a really cool faculty member on an online course that focuses on international comic books. And he has a research interest in accessibility. Aw yeah.

I found out yesterday that I have a new boss. Honestly, don’t care. I’m hoping that this means I’ll be able to get answers faster. I’ve been working with this guy for ages now and he’s mostly wonderful. It’s a win.

I am finally feeling like myself again after praying for death for more than a week. I plan to start really focusing on my reading and revisions to the manuscript this week. I need to establish some routines for myself so that I can keep up with this stuff.

Lastly, I am auditioning a blouse for my conference presentation in Dublin. Thoughts?

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