just call me Princess Productivity

That is one of the shawls I’m currently working on. Safe to say this is the one getting the most love right now. The others are vastly different, but should start getting worked on soon. There’s something about finishing a project that makes me want to finish even more. Oh, that’s Eric’s tail in the picture.

Garth was busy enjoying the puppy still being asleep this morning. He was turning his little self inside out. So freaking cute.

I’ve been mostly productive lately and I think that’s mostly good. I’ve been powering through stuff at work. Yesterday was super good, especially considering I left early for therapy. Going to therapy helped with the knitting as well. I took the shawl with me and knit in the waiting room before my appointment. It helps relax me and sometimes someone will comment. Yesterday I had a woman comment on how beautiful it was.

Anyway, productivity, yes. I got my pill trays filled, the sheets changed, a load of laundry folded and put away, my stuff for this weekend packed, the dishwasher emptied, and various stuff put away. It felt good.

This weekend this is dinner out planned, massages tomorrow morning, a movie, an Oktoberfest being discussed, breakfast with Mom on Sunday, and then Lancelot and I will be in charge of the homestead.

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