life moves pretty fast

That man of mine is a handsome devil, ain’t he? We took Mom out for dinner on Saturday and were able to get a picture. I think this is one of the best we’ve gotten lately.

The weekend was good. Too short, but good. There was amazing food, good company, a little shopping, and lots of snuggles. Hell, I even got some sleep.

I’ve been having extra difficulties with my skin, and I’m not enjoying that one bit. But I did find the chewy Airborne vitamins (I even found elderberry!) and I’m hoping that once the stress from the anniversary plus all the bullshit at work settles down that my body will stop thinking it hates me.

I’m also very much looking forward to my new eyeglasses arriving. I’m having wicked headaches from the prescription being so far out of whack.

Eric is walking laps around the dining room table because I won’t let him steal my markers. Silly boy. And Garth is growling at the workmen who are trying to replace the deck. It’s a party here.

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