everything is perfect just as it is

Anyone who has done a round or two of DBT knows that phrase all too well. Radical acceptance. Being able to accept that life is not perfect but that it is as it must be and it will improve.

It will improve.

I really don’t feel crazy most of the time anymore. I know I still have Bipolar Disorder and Seasonal Affective Disorder and sometimes issues with Anxiety, but I rarely identify with those anymore. I take my meds like I need to, I try to eat decent, and I sleep. But I’m definitely in maintenance mode these days.

And that feels fucking fantastic.

Just over ten years ago I had my last suicide attempt. Some jackass boy had broken my heart and I thought my life was over. WRONG. It was the most serious of my four attempts and they weren’t sure I’d make it.

But I did, and I’m still here kicking ass and taking names, and I’m stronger than ever. It got better, mostly because I have an amazing tribe and because I’m stubborn as fuck.

For all of us fighting the good fight, I’m with you. Some days are hard and we struggle just to get out of bed. Some days are easy and no one realizes how hard life can be for us. But still, we rise.

We are in this together. ❤

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