down but definitely not out

I’m a firm believer that sometimes you have to allow yourself to have a pity party so that you can get that ick out of your system and move on. That’s basically what I did yesterday. And now, onward.


Work was better today which always helps, and I’m about to go make Butter Chicken which also always helps (assuming that damn pressure cooker cooperates). Mostly what’s helping is that I managed to get a really decent amount of shit done so far today. There are few powers in this world that motivate me more than success. There’s something about being able to cross a task off my to-do list that makes me damn near giddy.

I think part of my funk right now is that I haven’t really worked on a knitting project that excites me in a while now. I have several things I’m still working on but one is really rather awful, one is boring, one is not super appealing, and two have been in time out for long enough that I’m not sure what’s going on. I should probably evaluate where I’m at in terms of progress and finish the one that’s closest to being done. Sounds reasonable, right?

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