things I have done since last we met

  • Finished a book and started another
  • Added roughly 13 pages to my manuscript
  • Got my outfits/jewelry assembled for the week
  • Took care of some nasty health care paperwork nonsense that was leftover from last year
  • Saw “On the Basis of Sex” with Mom (cannot recommend this movie ENOUGH)
  • Went shopping and, to my credit, managed to spend just shy of $100 (in my defense, I really did need all of it, seriously)
  • Fixed the knit vest (pictures on Friday when I wear it)
  • Paid a few bills
  • Scored a pair of gloves for $1.09
  • Started an easy knit shawl that will become the new “at work” knitting project
  • Decided on a new challenge for myself (more in a moment)

Most importantly, I had an absolutely amazing weekend with Lancelot. It was normal, and quiet, and some might dare to say boring, and I completely loved every minute of it. Totally what I needed.

Ok, new challenge… I realized that I keep knitting pretty things but I suck at wearing them. So this week I have a knit shawl or sweater lined up for every day. I’m going to continue doing this, something different each day, for as long as the weather continues to be cold enough to justify it. I should be good through June, at least.

At any rate, life is good. The only suck thing right now is that my skin bullshit is acting up. Fortunately that didn’t start full force until late yesterday. Which reminds me, today is Humira day. Yay.

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