running as fast as I can but one foot is nailed to the floor

Seriously, it’s not Friday? Are you sure? FUCK.

Anyway, life is life and I’m still totally thankful but GODDAMNIT WHY DO I WORK WITH FUCKING MORONS???

Sorry, that was 100% necessary. Really, it was. I’ve got a good person being held back by red tape and a fucking monkey holding the tape dispenser. I hate it when that happens.

And it’s time for our annual performance evaluations and I really hate that. Yes, totally glad I have a job right now and that this job allows me to work from home during The Plague. Honest. But I always get seriously freaked out about losing my job, partially because they just eliminated 13 positions in our unit. Some of those people had been here for their entire careers and were on the verge of retirement. I shit you not.

Yes, I am wound a little tight right now, why do you ask? And I find myself in need of a stronger word than “fuck” because that’s just not cutting it anymore.

On the plus side of things – I don’t have to cook tonight because I have a variety of leftovers in the fridge. I have a quilling kit from Lancelot that I haven’t opened yet but might try to get into tonight. I got to see Mom this morning and get a hug. And I have lots of music I can listen to that will hopefully help soothe this savage beast.

I just need to get myself through the next few days, I can do that, right?



2 thoughts on “running as fast as I can but one foot is nailed to the floor”

  1. Sorry to hear about the hell that is work. My daughter got laid off a couple of weeks ago and somehow managed to find a new interesting job and has started that. She learned in the D&D game she plays with her old coworkers that she is the first one to find a new job, except for the guy who was hired back to his old position when the senior person quit. It’s like the Wild West out there.
    If you come up with a better word than fuck I’d like to apply it to my lack of ability to sleep.

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    1. Sleep is a whole other bitch session. I’m learning how to share the bed with – at times – four other critters, one of whom is 6ft tall. I’m seriously wondering if I’m not doing enough to exhaust my physical self during the day.

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